The Future of Waste Management

The GCS Difference

GCS originated from a simple question – how do we do more with less?

With over 60% of all trash ending up in landfills and increasing pressure from regulation on coal utilizing businesses, the waste management needs of America and the world are evolving rapidly. GCS believes that the solution to these problems comes out of our trash bins and into our lives through our patented MSW to fuel Accordant technology. By reducing the plastics that end up in our landfills by up to 90%, GCS aims to be a solution provider and not just a listener to the need for innovation.

Our Capabilities

GCS’s deep industry expertise coupled with an innovative, forward looking management team, provide a viable solution for the world’s growing trash and green house gas emission problem.  Working alongside industry leaders, GCS aims to preserve and enhance power and industry sector jobs, while improving our living and working environments, one fuel solution at a time.


GCS provides a thermodynamically and physically identical fuel product when compared to coal.  In addition, while providing consistent BTU production, GCS reduces carbon dioxide and many other greenhouse gases to a degree unmatched within the fuel industry.


Often the regions around power plants and industrial sits are the forgotten lands in public discourse. These communities – from the workers who man the sites to the families who reside in them – deserve the cleanest air possible while still enabling critically needed American industries to thrive. GCS, from our fuel plants to our off-take customers is leading the way to a cleaner tomorrow.

We’re Growing

GCS is actively in development of multiple projects in the LA area and East Coast. Depending on intake volumes which vary site by site, each plant will create new jobs at various levels of management and non-management.

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